Online Personal Training




Exertion Fitness offers 1-on-1 personal training (mobile only) as well as Online Personal training. Developing ONLY Personalised programmes based on your goals & capabilities using our APP that comes with instructional videos. 

Exertion Fitness want you, the client to:

  1. Live for as long as possible with minimal to no ailments. In other words optimise quality of life. Hey, there is no point to LOOKING GOOD if you do not FEEL GOOD. Our Director, Laura, worked as a nurse in the Emergency Department for 8 years and saw so much potential to keep people out of hospitals if exercise was implemented in an effective manner - that's exactly what she's done. Prevented surgeries, made stronger knees, decreased pain levels, improved muscle composition as well as increasing muscle quality.
  2. Enjoy your program so that you are much more likely to adhere to your training programme.
  3. Achieve your goals and make progress. We regularly re-asses goals to ensure our clients are on track.

We focus on time under tension, moving through full range of motion (with complete control) whilst adding volume to your programme, so that you are continually making progress injury free and ultimately FEELING GOOD!

Still offering Online Personal training as well as mobile Personal Training. Contact us: 0430 497 128 or email