Rehab/Rehab and activation

When it comes to sport, fitness & athletic performance at times you will experience some kind of "niggling injury" if not a full injury, even if it is just some general tightness or weakness. Scientific studies have shown, that when products such as bands and trigger point balls are used effectively & are combined with good exercise (including good technique), injuries improve, you will get stronger and you will move better due to improved skill execution. 

Bands: Highly useful to add increased tension to your workouts wether it be bench press, leg press, banded squats, banded biceps or banded sprints. In addition, they are also useful in helping you warm up certain muscle groups as well as strengthen certain muscle groups that are lagging i.e. banded Squats

Trigger point balls: Release tension in tighter areas so that you can utilise those muscle groups more effectively as well as potentially help improve pain & Range of motion at a joint.

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