Olympic Barbells

Our olympic barbells are designed and built to withstand force. Our 20kg bars are capable of carrying at least 1000 pounds and the 15kg bar capable of carrying at least 800 pounds so you can be assured no weight is too much. The knurling on our bars is to assist you with your grip strength so that you can move heavier loads without grip being an issue. Their versatility makes them one of the most if not the most valuable piece of equipment anyone can posses whether you own a gym, home gym or a personal trainer. The workouts that can be performed with just a barbell are limitless.

The Olympic Trap bar is another type of barbell with a hexagonal shape in the centre. Stand inside the hexagon and you have 2 options with your grip, one higher and one lower. Perform deadlifts with this barbell so that there is less strain on the lower back Vs the regular deadlift or farmers walk/carry to improve strength and anaerobic capacity.

***Olympic plates only***

***Collars included***


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